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Exhibition / Alarcón Criado Gallery

In 1962, Chris Marker conceptualised the 28 minute audiovisual experiment, La Jetée, which is now regarded as a classic within the genre of science fiction and has been defined as a photo narrative by the director. This montage of Marker’s photography gives the accompanying narration a visual context. There is only a small sequence of movement where we are presented with a depiction of a man trying to rebuild the memory and aura of his lover some time before the outbreak of the third world war.

Joe Brainard published, I Remember, in 1970, New York. It is an experimental text which contradicts traditional conventions associated with the idea of memory. Through his discussion of the surreal with the banal, he created a temporary parallax through which to view his childhood memories of 1950s Oklahoma, and his profound feelings integrated with 1970s New York. Brainard’s text has received much recognition, including Je me Souviens, (1978), by Georges Perec.

In 2002, Manel Clot writes in El Circulo, for Dora García: he asks, “Do you remember the beginning of La Jetée?” The voiceover can be Heard throughout the story: “This is the story of a man marked by a childhood memory”. The scene which upsets him, and whose meaning he was to grasp only years later, happened on the main pier, Orly, Paris airport. This is when he remembers things accurately and begins to acknowledge the memories he is revisiting.(…)

Comisario: Jesús Alcaide

Artistas: Adam Basanta; Bucher&López; José Guerrero; Ira Lombardía; Javier Peñafiel; MP&MP Rosado

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