The Measure

Textual project

Understanding postmodernism as the new grand narrative or metanarrative, and deriving from certain disbelief toward the same, as Lyotard did at the time, poses again an irreverent interpretation of the text that is understood as a form of writing. Thus, based on the full text of The Postmodern Condition, a series of words was selected that generate a radically new text, discussing with Lyotard’s text while simultaneously diluting the original book and creating an absolutely autonomous discourse, one that is built through his words but with a new content and style that appeal to a drift from the philosophical to the poetic.

The title The Measure refers to the use of the poetic game rules: it only requires altering the punctuation to generate a new meaning through the selected words. These alterations were identified with an underline. However, in order to translate the work into English it was also necessary to alter the gender and number of some words because of the complexity of the translation.

Finally, the book was accomplished in two ways: an artist’s book in which the original text by Lyotard disappears through the pages, and instead lets the selected words that generate the new text remain; and as a booklet that includes the new text without line breaks and gaps, with the aim of making its new reading comprehensible.