I See the Darkness


The project entitled I See the Darkness, came out in a warm summer night where I slept at outdoor for stargazing. The view was magical. Timeless. And I decided to do some photos and a video with my cell phone. The result was disappointing at first sight, the camera had not been able to photograph the stars, or the dark and had only captured noise. However, the inability of the technology to reproduce that moment, made me aware of the importance of my own personal experience. What my eyes were seeing became an irreproducible show and so error, defect and failure became a momentary success.

Thus, I create an installation in which photography, away from references and a representational purpose, approaches to pictorial image. And where text, shown on a LED light cartel, brings us a speech overcoming fear of failure, of the invisible, of the unrepresentable. So at the end, the lack of image becomes an invitation to see something in the dark.