A Thousand Pieces


The project a thousand pieces consists of a publication and two sculptures: The Abyss and Leda and the Swan (Or the Impossibility of Beauty). As in the published work, the reliefs use the concept of strata to create superimpositions and crossings of meanings among diverse materials, texts, and colors. Fragments from song lyrics, images, other sculptures, constellations, and different texts ranging from poetry to philosophy, introduce us to pieces that presume the impossibility of originality through a cocktail of impossible referents.

In Leda and the Swan, the cold geometric design of an origami swan carved on white marble appears inside the image of Leda’s pink body from the sculpture by Auguste Clésinger, engraved on the latest generation, fluorescent colored plexiglass. On these surfaces, different quotes from Yeats, Hilda Doolittle, and Rilke, who reinterpreted the myth in their time, seem to float on a clear acrylic sheet, mixing into each other, while a fragment of the song lyrics from Nirvana’s Rape Me, engraved on mirror, provides the soundtrack for this reinterpretation of a classical myth.

The Abyss refers to the term used by George Bataille to speak of death and solitude between individuals. According to him, this abyss is what separates us from each other, which we try to bridge and escape through the sex act. In this piece, a constellation engraved in black granite is in dialog with a marble slab bearing an inverted fragment from Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Moon”. Above them are erected two plexiglass plates, in a fragile balance, facing the image of a skull with Bataille’s text written on an iridescent material that refracts different colors, which gives the appearance of a hologram for its different immaterial reflections.